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How to Count Sig Fig Numbers in Chemistry?

Whether we talk about analytical or experimental chemistry, we need significant data if we want to come to meaningful conclusions. And to get that significant data, we need to use significant figures when working with different measurements in chemistry. When you engage in experiments related to chemistry, there is always a certain level of uncertainty […]

धातुओं तथा अधातुओं में प्रमुख अंतर – Metals And Non-Metals in Hindi

Dhatu or Adhatu me Antar ( धातु तथा अधातु के गुणों में अंतर ) : Hello Friends, Is post me hum aapko dhatu or adhatu me kya antar hote hai ( Key differences between Metal and Non-Metal in Hindi ) batane wale hai jisme aapko dhatu or adhatu ke rasayanik or bhoutik guno ke sabhi antar […]

States of Matter Important Question in Hindi – द्रव्य की अवस्थाएँ

States of Matter Class 11 Notes ( द्रव्य की अवस्थाएँ ) : Hello Friends, Is post me hum aapko States of Matter Important Question in Hindi batane ja rahe hai jo sabhi अति लघु उत्तरीय प्रश्न hai. Is post me hamne aapko class 11 states of matter question bank PDF provide ki hai aap use yaha se download […]

सार्थक अंक किसे कहते है – परिभाषा व् नियम (Significant Figures)

Significant Figures in Hindi : Hello Dosto, Is post me hum aapko सार्थक अंक किसे कहते है – परिभाषा व् नियम ( Sarthak Ank kise kehte hai – Definition and Rules ), Sarthak Ank ko pehchanne ke niyam or example batane ja rahe hai to dosto chaliye suru karte hai Significant Figures in Hindi.

Heavy Water in Hindi ( D2O ) – भारी जल किसे कहते है ( भौतिक गुण व् उपयोग )

Heavy Water in Hindi ( D2O ) : Hello Friends, is post me hum aapko Heavy Water in Hindi : भारी जल किसे कहते है ko details se batane wale hai chemistry me yeh question hamesa aapko exam me pucha jata hai isliye aapko Heavy Water in Hindi ke bare me pata hona bhut jaroori hai. Is post me […] © 2019 Contact Us Frontier Theme