An In-Depth Review and Guide to Using it for Plagiarism Checking

Plagiarism is a major issue concerning writers, bloggers, and students these days. Plagiarism is the use of someone else’s words without giving them credit as your own. Thus it is considered an act of stealing and it is against writing integrity. Plagiarism has serious consequences both in academic and professional reals thus a writer must ensure there is no plagiarism in their content or writing.

There are many plagiarism-checking tools available online but not all of them work perfectly in identifying plagiarism and cause problems for the students, writers, bloggers, etc.

We have tested many plagiarism checks and picked up a tool to help you identify plagiarism perfectly, so you can remove it before turning in your writing.

In this guide, we will do an in-depth analysis of, discuss its usage and features, and identify its worthiness as a plagiarism checker.


What is is an artificially intelligent tool that has access to large databases, it compares your work with data on those databases to identify the possibility of plagiarism in your writing. This tool allows you to see all possible sources, you can cite all of them to ensure no plagiarism and to maintain your writing integrity.

How does it Work? has access to large databases including e-books, blogs, documents, pdf files, journals, etc. This allows the plagiarism checker to compare your work with all this data to find plagiarism in your text. 

The tool highlights the lines and paragraphs that are similar to data online. It also provides the sources’ list so that users can cite them properly to ensure integrity in their writing. 

This tool not only identifies direct plagiarism (direct copy/paste from someone else’s work) but also detects indirect plagiarism (paraphrasing of someone else’s work or idea without giving credit). 

Thus in working, it is just like Turnitin software, used by professionals and professors to detect plagiarism. This tool is especially beneficial for students who can be suspended or expelled from school for stealing someone else’s work. 

Moreover, if plagiarism is detected in a blog, the search engine can either decrease its rank or delete it from the index. Thus writers, students, and bloggers need to check for plagiarism before turning in or uploading their work.

What are the Features of

The is a highly-developed plagiarism checker that comes with plenty of features. These features are mentioned in detail below:

  • Huge Files:

This tool allows students, teachers, bloggers, and professionals to check plagiarism in huge written text or files. The user can check for plagiarism in up to 25,000 words at a time. This tool is comparable to Turnitin software in plagiarism detection. 

  1. Provide Percentage:

The plagiarism report made by provides a percentage of unique and plagiarized text. A plagiarism percentage of 15% is acceptable in a text. If your paper shows a lesser plagiarism percentage than 15% then you can submit it without changing.

  1.       Color distinction:

The unique text in the report is highlighted in green color while the plagiarized text is highlighted in red color.

  1.       Sources list:

The user gets the list of potential sources that have been plagiarized in the text so, he/she can cite them properly before submitting his/her written text.

  1.       Plagiarism Report:

The user can also download the plagiarism report. This feature allows professors and employers to show plagiarism proof to their students or employees by sharing the report.

  1.       Plagiarism Target:

The tool can identify different types of plagiarism. It can identify both direct and indirect plagiarism in a text. Direct plagiarism is when a person copies and pastes someone else’s words in their text. Indirect plagiarism is when a person paraphrases someone’s text or idea but doesn’t provide them proper credit by proper citation. The tool identifies both types of plagiarism in a text helping users to remove it by citing or paraphrasing the text.

How to use for Checking Plagiarism? is a very user-friendly plagiarism checker. It is very easy to use and provides results in a few seconds. Follow the steps given below to use this tool:

1.      Enter Text:

First of all, you need to enter the text in which you want to identify plagiarism. You can either copy and paste the text, type it, or upload a file. 

To upload the file, click on the arrow in the right corner of the tool’s dialogue box and select the file from your computer to check for plagiarism.

2.      Check Plagiarism:

After your text is entered or a file is uploaded, it’s time to check the plagiarism. Click on the option saying “Check Plagiarism” and the tool will begin comparing your work with data from online databases.

3.      Plagiarism Report:

After a few seconds, the plagiarism report will appear showing the percentage of unique content and plagiarized content. The unique text will be highlighted in green color while the plagiarized text will be highlighted in red. 

The user can click on red text to get the list of sources it shows similarity with. 

The user can also download the plagiarism report.

These are a few simple steps to use for checking plagiarism in your writing.

How to Use a Plagiarism Report to Remove Plagiarism?

The plagiarism report generated by the can be used to remove plagiarism from your text. Simply paraphrase the plagiarized lines and make sure to cite the source properly before submitting your text.

Pricing: is a very budget-friendly tool. There are two types of subscriptions available:

  • Starter – Recommended for students, cost $5/month, and check plagiarism up to 10,000 words.
  • Professional –  Recommended for writers, cost $10/month, and check plagiarism up to 100,000 words.


After viewing the, and identifying its features, usability, and reasonable pricing plan, it is recommended to students, journalists, bloggers, professors, writers, etc. because it is the best alternative to Turnitin. 

Updated: September 1, 2023 — 11:04 am

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