Microsoft AZ-600 Exam: Getting Started with a Fascinating Solution to Secure Your IT Career

When you look at the benefits of the latest solutions like cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and IoT, you will understand why more and more companies are embracing technological advancements. For anyone completely immersed in Microsoft solutions, one of the best fields you can specialize in is the Azure Stack Hub. In this guide, we will discuss the three major reasons to use this solution. We will also have a look at the three most popular roles you can obtain after completing the MS-101 Practice Test .

Reasons to Use the Azure Stack Hub

The Azure Stack Hub is a part of the Azure Stack portfolio that extends Azure to let the users run applications in an on-premises environment as well as deliver Azure services in a data centre. So, why do you need to adopt the Azure Stack Hub within your organization? Find out below:

  1. Cloud Apps that Satisfy Different Regulations

You can turn to the MS-700 Practice Test Hub to help you develop applications in Azure that satisfy different regulatory and policy requirements. Here, you don’t even need any code changes. A few such examples include expense reporting, financial reporting, and online gaming.

  1. Cloud App Model On-premises

The Azure Stack Hub enables you to use Azure containers, services, microservice architectures, and serverless when updating or extending the current apps or building new ones. Also, you can choose the right MS-500 Practice Test across Azure in the Azure Stack Hub on-premises to accelerate app modernization for goal-centric apps.

  1. Edge and Disconnected Solutions

Finally, the Azure Stack Hub allows you to address connectivity and latency issues by easily processing data. After that, you can aggregate the processed data in Azure for detailed analysis using the right app logic.

Three Job Roles That You Can Obtain with the Microsoft AZ-600 Exam

The MS-900 Practice Test is specifically designed for individuals who would like to gain the expertise needed to provide cloud services to customers or end-users from within their own data center with the help of Azure Stack Hub. Passing this test will open you up to many career opportunities. Now, let’s discuss the three best roles you can obtain after passing this evaluation:

  • Software Architect

A Software Architect is a competent IT professional tasked with managing high-level UI designs and concepts for software apps. They work closely with other IT professionals like Software Engineers to satisfy all the product requirements from start to finish. Working as a Software Architect comes with plenty of incentives, one being the high income, with PayScale reporting that these individuals earn an average of $128,311 per year.

  • Full-Stack Developer

A Full Stack Developer is an IT professional tasked with managing the front-end and back-end development processes. They are responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining fully functional platforms with servers or AZ-204 Practice Test . According to, a typical Full Stack Developer in the USA is guaranteed to receive an average salary of $79,650 per year.

  • Azure Data Engineer

Another job role that will become available to you after completing the Microsoft AZ-600 test is an Azure Data Engineer. Functioning in this position, you will have the following responsibilities: 

  • Collaborating with stakeholders to identify and satisfy the business requirements.
  • Using the right tools and services to ingest and transform data from different sources.
  • Designing and implementing solutions.

Azure Data Engineers are among the best-paid individuals in the IT landscape, earning an average of $138,866 per year, according to ZipRecruiter.

The Bottom Line

Microsoft Azure Stack Hub is beneficial to modern organizations for many reasons. You can take a significant step towards leveraging the advantages of this solution by acing the AZ-303 Practice Test . It’s one of the first names that comes to mind when we mention the configuration of a hybrid cloud with Azure Stack Hub. With everything we’ve covered in this guide, you surely shouldn’t lack the motivation to pursue this certification test.


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Updated: November 9, 2022 — 8:03 am

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