Unseen Passage For Class 7 With Questions and Answers

Unseen passage for class 7 : If you are a class 7 student then you must read this unseen passage. Because if you do this unseen passage, you will get a lot of help in getting good marks in english class tests and exams. If you practice such regular english passages, then your english will be improved. Now read the passage given below and answer it.

Unseen Passage For Class 7 With Questions and Answers

Unseen Passages For Class 7

Read the following passage :-

Camel is a huge animal. It has a large bulge. Its legs and neck are very long. There is a big bag in its stomach. Camel is also called desert ship. Camel is a very useful animal. It is very loyal and is famous for its patience. It can easily walk and run in the desert. It can collect a large amount of water in the bulge of its body. Due to which it can remain without water for many days. It is used to pull the car and lift the load. Camel is also used in agricultural work and drawing water.

Answer the following questions :- 

1: Which animal is called the ship of desert?

2: How do camels help humans?

3: Where do camels keep water in their body?

4: What is a camel famous for?

Answer of the above question :-

1: Camel is called the ‘Ship of the Desert’ because Camel is the only animal several days without water.

2: Camel is used to pull the car, load and carry out agricultural work and water.

3: Camels keep water in the bulge of their body.

4: The camel is very famous for its loyalty and patience.

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