How to Score Good Marks in Exams in Short Time

Hey guys are you really scared of board exams! Are you tensed, feeling pressure before the exam. Scoring good marks is not a big deal. Here are some tips to score good marks in board exams that will surely work. To be very honest let me introduce you to one real thing ” it’s never too late “. If still now you are not prepared for the exams you can go through the given tips and fetch good marks. We have given the following tips how to sore good marks in exams for all category of students.


How to Score Good Marks in Board Exams

A lot of students asked us how to prepare for exam in short time, so we are providing you all the tips here so that you can get good marks in your exam. In this post we will tell you how to get good marks in board exam. So you must read this post.

1: Solve previous year exam papers

how to score full marks

To fetch good marks in short period of time you need to apply some tricks. This also helps to score full marks. Solving previous year exam papers is the best trick to gain full marks. It’s very Simple to get old papers from your seniors. It is the fact that repeated questions are asked in board exams because they are quite important. Try to solve all the questions by writing them down. The most important part is that practice the diagrams very well, mostly repeated diagrams are asked. This will help to get good marks. As well as full marks.

2: Special tips for different subjects

how to get full marks in exam

If you do not know how to write in exam paper to get good marks, then below are important tips provided for each subject. By using these tips, you can score good marks in the class 10th or 12th board.

a: Biology

This can be taken as easiest one. Always repeated questions are asked. The diagram are asked same as previous one.

b: Chemistry

If you master in organic chemistry you can score good marks. Learn reactions by heart. Do not waste time for numerical portion they are the most hectic one.

c: Physics

Everyone is scared of this subject “Physics“. The best trick is just to attempt all the questions even if you don’t have any idea about it.

d: English/Hindi

The best trick is to make beautiful handwriting in these subjects. Attempt all the questions.

3: Time  Management

how to get more marks in exam

To manage the time there is only one trick. Always try to attempt short questions first and then long questions. It’s easy to fetch marks for short questions rather than long ones. Never try to expand your answers. Be precise to what is asked. If you try to write around the concept and stories the examiner get bored ,as no one is interested in reading stories.

So to get good marks just write down demand of question and make any relatable diagram as well as flow chart that makes easier for examiner. Be smart, work smart as hardwork pays but smart work pays much more and in better way.

4: Revision

how to prepare for exam in short time

Always revise those topics that you know very well. During exam time never try to read new topics that will always waste your time and also do your moral down. When you revise you memories more. At the time of writing in exam it will hit your brain very quickly. Never try to look at others and there progress.

Always look at your own capabilities. It will work more. When you work within your own limits you get more progress rather then comparing. Mark your syllabus. See which portion of syllabus carries much weightage of marks. Try to cover up those portions. That will show your smartness as well as effort.

5: Never get hyper

how to study to get good marks

During or before exam never get hyper or feel pressure. It will effect your mental status. It will lower your confidence level. Always feel confident and calm down yourself by taking deep breath. Always think positive, try to built up positive thoughts in your brain. Positivity will bring good thoughts to your mind. If you are mentally stable you will always have positive attitude towards all situations. Try to accept the reality.

Exams are to test your capabilities only not your future. Always keep water beside yourself during exam that cool down your brain and body. Take healthy diet during exams to get healthy mind. Take proper rest and sleep to stable your whole system.

6: Smart work

tips to score high marks in university exams

Never try to write whatever you know. Always try to mention what the question is demanding for. Toppers never write long answers they always mention key points. Examiner never expect long written stories. They just want to know if the child understood the concept or not. Always try to make short notes and practice it before exam.

Try to make tables and differentiate between two concepts that is always helpful. It also helps you to derive the answers of those questions that you don’t know. Follow the tricks and gain marks.

Thanks for reading this post. If you like these tips then leave us comments below.

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