Life Hacks for Writing a Successful Dissertation in 2 Weeks

So, you have to hand the final draft of your dissertation in 2 weeks. But there’s nothing except for an empty document and chaotic thoughts. It sounds like panic with a pinch of a mental breakdown. Let’s get you out of this: take a deep breath and use the hacks we’ve gathered to help you. Some of these may sound simple and quite obvious, but sometimes we know what to do but don’t do it because we think it’s too easy.

Writing a Successful Dissertation


Collect and paraphrase sources

Writing a dissertation requires researched data, and most of the time paraphrasing helps to supplement and support your topic. Manual paraphrasing requires a lot of tact, as it can be detrimental to your research if not done in the right way. Here is a hack: use an online (AI-based) paraphrasing tool to rewrite the source content. The Paraphrase tool shows you the percentage of rewritten text and offers to proofread the rewritten content using the free grammar checker.

Have a Clear Hypothesis or Question

Be absolutely sure you have a clear hypothesis or question to ask in your thesis. Some think they got it but once asked about the clarity and details, all the thoughts fade away. So, if you can say “The purpose of my dissertation is to…” and continue with a couple of concise, powerful sentences, you’re fine.

However, if you have no clue as to your hypothesis or the right words escape you, it’s better to consult a supervisor. You’ll have to do it anyways to make sure someone supports and oversees the process.

Divide the Workload into Chunks

It’s very useful to divide a large goal into smaller ones that are easier to get to. Writing an outline and notes for the thesis in a couple of days sounds more achievable than completing a whole dissertation in two weeks.

Plan the whole research-outline-write-proofread process. Analyze what you’re better at, meaning you’ll spend less time on it, saving some for the things you find rather difficult. If you’re good at outlining or already know the order of the chapters, give yourself a day to complete it. Thus, you’ll save more days for additional research or waiting for feedback from your supervisor.

Outsource a Chunk or Two

There are write my dissertation services that can save you a lot of time and energy by writing a chapter or more of the thesis. Such companies hire professional writers to assist undergraduate and graduate students with their academic papers. They cover everything from simple essays to theses. Besides, reliable services don’t charge a lot, so you get a high quality of writing and affordable prices.

Note: Provide as much detail about your paper as possible. The part you’re ordering has to be in the same writing style as all the others, logically connected and ordinated.

Don’t Wait for the Right Mood

Realize that it’s rarely “the right mood” and start working as soon as possible. Motivation and inspiration feel wonderful, and they are important parts of the overall process. But without commitment and discipline, you won’t go a long way.

When you feel like writing, do twice as much work. You won’t get too tired because of that second breath. But during the other days, discipline yourself and focus on the task. By the way, when you’re truly focused and in the moment, you work much faster.

Avoid Multitasking

Continuing the topic of focus, trying to manage two or more things simultaneously kills about 40% of your productivity. It’s the same as working after a sleepless night, and we all know the feeling. Focus on one task at a time, with one exception: when you get an idea while researching or outlining the dissertation, write it down.

Other than that, if you planned to write the introduction today, do it and proceed only after you finish.

Get Feedback at All Times

If you have a good supervisor, use their help as often as possible. Let them give you feedback on the chapters you’ve finished, ask about the details of the format or the sources of research. Don’t get annoying but manage to get answers when you need them.

Besides, it can show how serious you take the paper, which oftentimes impacts the final evaluation in a good way.

Proofread Every Chapter

Find some time in your schedule to proofread your writing and check it for mistakes. Fortunately, the Internet has a lot of websites where you can check the text for plagiarism or grammar mistakes. The logic and style, though, are mostly up to you.

Here’s a strategy: write the intro, proceed to the first chapter. As you finish, proofread the intro and write the second chapter. Then, run through the intro and proofread the first chapter, and so on. Thus, you’ll give the finished parts some time to sit before reading it, getting a fresh look at the piece.

You Can Handle Writing a Dissertation in 2 Weeks

With such a complex, writing such a large paper in 14 days will be strenuous but possible. Arm yourself with the best writing services, the supervisor’s help, and focus. Plan, work, proofread, repeat, and in two weeks you’ll have a successful dissertation ready to be handed in.

Updated: May 11, 2022 — 4:20 pm

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