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Social evils essay : Hello Friends, In this post we are going to share with you social evils in indian society essay. You must have seen examples of evils of our society around you too. In which the complete list of all the evils of the Indian Society is provided. We have tried to explain all these social evils in quite simple word. You can write this essay in your school or in any competitive exam.

Social Evils in Indian Society


Social Evils in Indian Society

India is considered as a tiny world in itself. It is because people of different castes, communities and faiths live here. These people have different philosophy of life. They are quite different to one another in so many ways. Thus, some of them have positive outlook, while others have negative thinking. So, our society is consisted of good and evil. Some evilish habits and types of our society, are discussed here in under:

Communalism (सांप्रदायिकता)

The worst evil that came with these foreigners was communal frenzy. It is the most harmful. There are riots. There is loss of the anu property. All work stops. This is a national loss. The Police and the P.A.C. have to patrol the city. The government gives compensation to those whose relatives are killed in riots or property destroyed. All this results in much national loss.

Dowry (दहेज)

Dowry is another evil of our society. It was a good custom in the beginning. But now man needs more money. There are many new articles that he wishes to possess. If he cannot buy them himself he forces the bride to bring money from her parents. There are many cases of the burning and murder of brides. Some brides commit suicide.

Poverty (गरीबी)

Poverty is curse to our society. It is very harmful. It blocks the progress of the nation. It gives rise to many crimes. The government is trying to eradicate poverty but the percentage of poor people in our country is still very large.

Illiteracy (अशिक्षा )

India has a very large number of illiterate persons. This evil is connected with the two other evils : poverty and superstition. Poverty is the cause. Superstition is the effect. Children do not read because they have no time and money to go to school. In poor families a male child begins to earn when he is quite young in age.

Superstitions (अंधविश्वास)

The evil is very deep-rooted in mankind. There is superstition everywhere. But our society has more of it. People who are poor and illiterate are more superstitious than the others. Superstition very often leads to crime. People commit crimes to be cured of disease and evil influence, to get children and riches.


The above mentioned are only some of the evils of our society. Things are now changing. There is more education. There is more money. We hope that our society will be much better one day.

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