Duties of Students in Free India

Hello Friends, In this post we are going to share with you duties of students in free india. As you know, how important are students for any country. This is the future of any country.

Duties of Students in Free India



India became free on August 15, 1947. She is now a sovereign socialist democratic republic. Students had played a great part in winning freedom. Now students have a duty to uplift the country after freedom.

Citizens of tomorrow

Students of today are the citizens of tomorrow. They will be the future judges, legislators, workers and administrators. So the students should be dutiful, hard-working, disciplinarian i.e., right type of students, who will re-construct the nation on right lines.

Study hard

To re-construct the country, we need good engineers, doctors, teachers, lawyers, workers, administrators, etc. So, to become perfect citizens, students should study hard and sincerely. They should not waste their time in politics.


Discipline is a very important factor of life. Students should always be very cautious about discipline. This quality of discipline can be learnt in schools and colleges. The students must be disciplined as well as they should teach discipline to others.

Good health

Good health is also very necessary to students. Students should be healthy in mind and body. Without good health, our future citizens will become weak. The country, then, cannot progress.

Social service

By doing social service, students may come in contact with common men. They will know their problems. For this, students must find time for social service after study hours or during long and short vacation. The students should go to the nearby villages. There they can teach the villagers sanitation, reading and writing. They can teach them discipline. They can explain them the evils of the society They can help them in curing many of the evils. Thus doing this, the students may be proved as a great help in reconstructing the country.

Conclusion : After freedom, the students have so many duties to do. The future of the country will be safe in the right hands of the students. So they should be dutiful, disciplined, sincere, honest and hard-working.

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