Top 7 Useful Websites for College Students

Students have to learn a lot of new information at college, but luckily, the internet provides a limitless amount of resources that can help you navigate your higher education. There are plenty of websites that can make your life easier. Here is a shortlist of great websites that can help you develop new skills, learn something new and useful, study for the tests, plan your career, and so much more.


Useful Websites for College Students

Useful Websites for College Students


This online platform makes it possible for everyone to get access to 2000 free interactive courses from 140 leading universities worldwide, including Berkeley, Harvard, MITx, and many other institutions. You can study languages, history, engineering, business and management, data science, computer programming, and more. The best thing is that you can earn a certificate that will improve your chances on a competitive job market. 

The Balance Careers

As a student, you may be totally focused on academics, but someday you’ll need to translate your knowledge and skills into a practical career. Websites like this one will provide you with helpful, practical career advice which very important in our rapidly changing world. You will find thousands of career-related articles on such topics like finding a job, writing a resume, answering job interview questions, choosing the right career path for your personality, working from home, succeeding at work. The website can be useful for students who are searching for their first job, college graduates, and for those who want to explore different career paths. 

Mental Floss

Although it’s an entertaining website, it will help you learn a lot of interesting facts from all around the world. There are articles that answer big questions. They cover such topics as culture, food, history, language, travel, science, and more. You can also find a lot of interesting lists, videos, and different quizzes to test your knowledge. All facts and puzzles are presented in a humorous manner.

Internet Archive

It’s a huge digital library where everyone can get free access to archived content from internet websites and other cultural artifacts. If you create an account on this website, you will be able to upload media to this archive as well. Now they offer free access to more than 330 billion web pages, 4 million videos, and about 20 million books. 


Like to make things and want to share your secret skills? This website is a big DIY community where curious makers and innovators from all around the world share their unique ideas and creativity related to cooking, craft, and technology. If you join this friendly community, you will be able to get a lot of awesome ideas for your college and school projects and learn to do plenty of things.  

Microsoft Academic

It’s a free search engine for academic searches created by Microsoft. It doesn’t just match keywords but can perform semantic-based searches and analyze citations. Moreover, the search engine has the ability to discover and index new data, so the amount of available data keeps growing every day. Currently, there are more than 220 million entries on more than 660 thousand topics from more than 25 thousand institutions. Students can take advantage of this engine to directly search for a specific topic and get accurate results.


You can find here a lot of self-study material and get access to an incredible database of flashcards, practice tests, notes, and more, which will allow you to study smarter. College students, who want to make extra money, can use this site to find openings and to get internships and jobs. Besides, you can take advantage of the feature to rate your professor and make an informed decision about which teacher to choose. 

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