Environmental Pollution Essay in English – 500 Words

Article on environment pollution : Hello Friends, In this post we are going to share with you environmental pollution essay in english. This essay has been provided to you in 500 words. Which is a very good essay for students and kids, which you can write in your school test too.

Environmental Pollution Essay

As you know how much pollution has increased in our world in today’s time and we are not doing anything to control it. All of us humans will have to do something now to stop environmental pollution. If we do not do anything now, it will be difficult to live on this earth in the coming few years.


Environmental Pollution Essay

“If you plan for one year, plant rice; if you plan for ten years, plant trees; if you plan for hundred years, educate the people”.


The life on this earth is sustained by a sort of balance created re is so delicate that if a part of it is destroyed, disturbed or diminished, it will be found that the whole is destroyed.

Environmental pollution

The increasing interference of man with the elements of nature such as air. water forests, wild life etc. has greatly disturbed on environment. The result is that we are living in an age of pollution. We breathe polluted air, drink polluted water. eat polluted food and live in the midst of a polluted environment. Human survival. nay entire life spectrum and progress, are at stake due to this all pervading pollution. Who is responsible for this ? It is said that developed countries are the most responsible for it.

Deterioration in ecology

Experts say that India has 11% of its total under forests against a desired 33%. Illegal felling of trees by forest contractors in league with official and politicians is going on unchecked.

Our wild life is being recklessly destroyed for selfish ends. With fast dwindling of forests and wild life, there has been a serious deterioration in the quality of life and ecology. Indiscriminate felling of trees and destruction of forests are causing disastrous floods, soil erosion, frequent drought, spread of desert area, landslides, loss of crops and a huge damage to life and property every year.


Rapid industrialization and increase in the population of bio towns and cities have polluted our rivers, lakes and seas. All industrial waste and sewage are being discharged into these water sources and dirty and deadly carbon and smoke of the factories and vehicles into air. The vehicles plying on roads cause large scale pollution.

Noise pollution caused by machines, vehicles, railways, factories and loudspeakers etc. especially in big cities has made life hellish.

Dangerous situation

What a terrible damage man has done and is constantly doing to his environment; damage that will eventually destroy him and all that he has made. Nobody can save him from this danger of extinction.

Remedial Measure

Students can play an important role in checking the menace of environmental pollution. They can generate environmental awareness in the people. They can explain the importance of ecological preservation to one and all. They can warn the people that if cautious steps are not taken the earth may no more remain fit to support life.

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Conclusion: Ultimately the solution lies in re-establishing the broken link between man and nature. The responsibility of greening the country and preserving environment rests on all citizens. If they want to save themselves, they must say their environment.

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