Disadvantages of Being in an Open Relationship

It is important for each person to find someone close. People often seek to find a loved one and start a family. However, some choose a non-binding relationship format – only sex and complete freedom. But in addition to the obvious advantages, open relationships have several disadvantages that can serve as a reason for refusing this type of relationship.

Disadvantages of Being in an Open Relationship


1. You can’t demand love

Sexual permissiveness can be not only a plus but also a clear minus. In addition to physical pleasure, sex should bring emotional and moral satisfaction. Sex with an unfamiliar partner is rarely able to satisfy you in full. Some couples that don’t enjoy open relationships anymore try to transfer it to classical form precisely because they stop receiving sexual pleasure. Unfortunately, in such cases, relationships don’t become normal but simply ruin, and feelings will be the reason for this.

2. People around don’t understand you

People around don’t understand you No matter how people convince you of their tolerance and loyalty to the fact that you meet a single woman and have an open relationship with her, this will not protect you from misunderstanding and condemnation. Even if your friends support you, the prevailing part of society will consider such relationships to be flawed. It is very difficult to talk about the need for open relationships in a society that conducts massive propaganda of family values, loyalty, and support to traditional families.

3. Open relationships are often not long-term

Even if both partners agreed on this form at the very beginning of the relationship, then after some time, one of the partners may want more stability. It is also possible that one partner will begin to feel

jealousy and start demanding fidelity from the chosen one. If the second partner is not ready to assume such obligations, then the relationship will be doomed to a breakup.

4. No one owes anyone

You can’t count on anything other than sex. Do you have problems? Go to a psychologist! Are you ill? Get treated by yourself! Do you want to spend the weekend out of town? Sorry, your partner has other plans! Open relationships can be unhappy. If you want to spend time together, you should plan everything in advance. Are you upset now?

5. A partner can leave you at any time

One morning you can wake up and find out that you no longer have a relationship because the partner found someone else. And then the worst thing emerges. No matter how free the relationship is, losing is still painful. Oxytocin has already done its job, and no matter how you pretend that nothing binds you, you still feel how part of you comes off.

6. You can’t think about the future

But what if one of you wants children? Will your heart beat enviously at the sight of a happy couple moving into their new house? It’s funny, but sometimes it’s just the usual things – like buying curtains or a Sunday trip to the zoo or planning a summer vacation, etc. These “warm” moments bring happiness. Will open relationships still give you the feeling of happiness that you need?

7. It is hard to end the relationship

There is a misconception that open relationships can be easily and quickly ended because people are not attached to each other. During sex, the hormone of affection is produced. This makes you feel warm and tender about your partner, and it creates an imaginary illusion of falling in love. But man’s testosterone decreases its effect, while female estrogen, on the contrary, can increase it. Therefore, for women, it becomes painful when ending an open relationship. But also this doesn’t mean that it is easy for men to experience a breakup.

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