Nitin Singhania Art and Culture PDF Free Download

Nitin singhania art and culture latest edition : This nitin singhania art and culture pdf provides detailed and latest information on Indian art and culture. The main purpose of writing this nitin singhania pdf is to simplify the study process for civil service candidates by providing relevant information. This nitin singhania art and culture pdf reflects the beauty of Indian art and culture, and makes a meaningful effort to provide readers with all productive and knowledgeable information on broad topics such as Indian art, painting and architecture.

Nitin Singhania Art and Culture PDF

This indian art and culture by nitin singhania pdf contains many new topics such as festivals of the North Eastern region, festivals celebrated in the remote parts of the country and current debate on art and culture. In this, chapters based on Indian law and culture, various forms of war art and calendar have been added. In each chapter, the main words (posts) have been specially marked. This makes it easy for the reader to remember important points.

This book is a meaningful effort to provide adequate information to the readers, who are seriously interested in studying subject-specific. This art and culture pdf contains the standard text-content taken from various primary sources and is mainly written for students preparing for Civil Services Examination and other competitive examinations. Hope this book will prove to be useful for students studying Indian culture.

Due to the inclusion of Indian culture as a major subject in the Civil Services Examinations, the requirement of this type of book was being experienced. The chapters of this book are collectively a comprehensive, reliable and effective source of knowledge for answering the questions asked in the examination.

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Contents of Nitin Singhania Art and Culture PDF

Chapter First Chapter Second
Introduction Introduction
Indian architecture Principles of Painting
Questions of Previous Years Prehistoric Painting
Practice Questions Classification of Indian Painting
Question of the past year Previous Year Question – initial Examination
Practice Questions – Main Examination Practice Questions – Preliminary Examination


Chapter Third Chapter Fourth
Introduction Legal Status of UNESCO
Different Types of Toys World Heritage Sites in India
Practice Question – Initial Examination Practice Question – Preliminary Examination
Question of the past year – main examination
Study Question – main examination
Legal Status of UNESCO


Chapter Fifth Chapter Sixth
Introduction Backgrounnd
History of indian music Dance form
Composition of indian music Indian classical dance
Classification of indian music Folk dance of india
Pop Music Question of the past year – main examination
Musical Instruments Practice Question Main Examin
Modern Development in Music
Question of the past year – main examination
Practice Question Main Examination


Chapter Seventh Chapter Eighth
Introduction Introduction
Classical Sanskrit theater Indian history
Public drama Practice Question – Initial Exam
Practice question main examination Study Question – Main Examination


Chapter Ninth Chapter Tenth
Great Indian Circus Introduction
Kelleri Kunnikan Question of previous years preliminary examination
India’s leading circus companies Practice question – initial exam
Circus frontier industry
Possible treatment
Practice question – initial exam


Chapter Eleventh Chapter Twelve
Introduction Introduction
Representative list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity Classification of indian languages
Practice question – initial exam Official languages of india
Status of classical language
National translation mission


Chapter Thirteen Chapter Fourteen
Introduction Introduction
History of indian cinema The mathematics
Round of controversial films Medicine
Indian cinematograph act of 1952 Physics and Chemistry
Shipbuilding and shipping

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