Human Anatomy and Physiology Book in Hindi PDF

Human body systems in hindi pdf : Hello Friends, In this post we are offering you Human Anatomy and Physiology Book in Hindi PDF. In which we are giving you all notes of anatomy of human body pdf free download, physiology in hindi pdf, body system in hindi.

As you know, it is very important for everyone to have knowledge about the body, because the question of related with the body is often asked in the competitive exams. So it is very important to know the related of the question from Human Anatomy and Physiology.


Anatomy of Human Body in Hindi PDF Free Download Content

We are providing you with a list of all the points mentioned in the pdf of human anatomy and physiology book in hindi.

Human Anatomy and Physiology Book in Hindi PDF

Anatomy in Hindi PDF Content

The distinctive characteristics of man मनुष्य की विशिष्ट विशेषताएँ
Function of Vegetative Life वनस्पति जीवन का कार्य
Function of Animal life पशु जीवन का कार्य
Of the Mutual Dependence of its Vital Actions इसके महत्वपूर्ण कार्यों की पारस्परिक निर्भरता का
Of food and the digestive process भोजन और पाचन प्रक्रिया की
Of Food and Drink, their Nature and Destination फूड एंड ड्रिंक की, उनकी प्रकृति और गंतव्य
Movements of the alimentary canal एलिमेंटरी कैनाल के मूवमेंट
Deglutition Deglutition
Mastication चबाना
Of hunger and Thirst Starvation भूख और प्यास भुखमरी की
Defecation मलत्याग
Of the changes which the food undergoes उन परिवर्तनों में से जो भोजन से गुजरता है
Salivary secretion and buccal digestion लार स्राव और बुके पाचन
Absorption from the digestive cavity पाचन गुहा से अवशोषण
Absorption from the body of general सामान्य के शरीर से अवशोषण
Gastric juice and intestinal secretions आमाशय रस और आंतों का स्राव

Human Anatomy and Physiology Book in Hindi PDF

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