One Word Substitution In Hindi And English PDF Download – अनेक शब्दों के लिए एक शब्द

Hello Friends, Aaj ki is post me One Word Substitution In Hindi And English– अनेक शब्दों के लिए एक शब्द  ke bare me janege  yaha me aapko latest one word substitution dictionary pdf bhi provide kar ra hu jise aap yha se download kar sakte hai.

One Word Substitution In Hindi And English PDF Download
One Word Substitution In Hindi And English PDF Download

Agar aap hindi grammer me one word substitution online search kar rahe hai to par aapke liye most important one word substitution List available hai jo aapki ( SSC, Police, IBPS, SBI, CBI, LDC, Quiz ) jese competitive exam ke liye kafi help karege.

One Word Substitution Definition (Paribhasha): Jab hum Anek shabdon ke liye ek shabd ka paryog karte hai use one word substitution kehte hai hindi bhasha me hum anek shabdo ko bolne ke bajai ek hi word me apni puri baat rakh sakte hai jese आज्ञा का पालन करने वाला na bolkar hum sidhe आज्ञाकारी bol dete hai yeh one word substitution ka ek example hai.

Ese hi all one word substitution ke liye humne niche 2 PDF Book provide ki hai ( Hindi & English ) jinme 500+ latest and best one word substitution hai hindi meaning sentence ke sath aap inhe download kar ke aasani se apne phone me offline pad sakte hai.

Me aapko niche kuch one word substitution exercise bata raha hu jo aapko pdf book me milne wali hai to dosto chaliye suru karte hai.

One Word Substitution In Hindi

  • जो कठिनाई से प्राप्त हो – दुर्लभ 
  • जहाँ पहुँचना कठिन हो – दुर्गम 
  • दर्द से भरा हुआ – दर्दनाक 
  • जो धर्म का काम करे – धर्मात्मा 
  • जो अपनी हत्या करता है – आत्मघाती। 
  • अत्यंत सुन्दर स्त्री – रूपसी
  • कम भोजन करने वाला – अल्पाहारी
  • जो द्वार का पालन करता –  द्वारपाल
  • लोहे के समान दृढ निश्चय वाला – लौहपुरुष
  • चार वेदों को जानने वाला – चतुर्वेदी
  • डाका मारने का काम – डकैती
  • उसी समय का – तत्कालीन
  • अवश्य होने वाली घटना – अवश्यंभावी
  • जो अभी – अभी पैदा हुआ हो – नवजात
  • जिसके मन में कोई कपट न हो – निष्कपट
  • अधिक दिनों तक जीने वाला – चिरंजीवी
  • तीन लोकों का समूह – त्रिलोक
  • जो चक्र धारण करता है – चक्रधर
  • बरसात के चार महीने – चातुर्मास 
  • किसी सेवा से मुक्ति का पत्र – त्यागपत्र
  • थाने का प्रधान अधिकारी – थानेदार
  • जो चन्द्र धारण करता हो – चंद्रशेखर
  • तीन युगों में होने वाला – त्रियुगी
  • जिसकी घोषणा की गयी हो – घोषित
  • जिसका इलाज़ न हो – लाइलाज
  • जिसकी बाहुएँ महान हैं – महाबाहु
  • व्याकरण जानने वाला – वैयाकरण
  • जो पढ़ा न जा सके – अपाठ्य
  • डाका मारने वाला – डकैत
  • वर्ष /साल में एक बार होने वाला – वार्षिक
  • जो व्याकरण जानता है – वैयाकरण 
  • किसी विषय का विशेष ज्ञान रखने वाला – विशेषज्ञ
  • जो परिचित न हो – अपरिचित
  • जो प्रिय बोलता है – प्रियवादी
  • कई में से एकमात्र – अन्यतम
  • जो समय बीत चुका है – अतीत
  • जो देखा नहीं जा सकता – अदृश्य
  • जो पर के अधीन है – पराधीन
  • भविष्य में होने वाला – भावी
  • जिसका मूल्य न आका जा सके – अमूल्य
  •  परदेश में रहने वाला – प्रवासी
  • जो देने योग्य न हो – अदेय
  • सहन करना जिसका स्वभाव है – सहनशील
  • बिना सोचे – समझे किसी बात पर विश्वास करने वाला – अंधविश्वासी
  • दूसरे के अन्न पर जीने वाला – परान्नभोगी
  • अधिक व्यय करने वाला – अपव्ययी
  • प्रतिकूल पक्ष का – विपक्षी
  • जो मन को हर ले – मनोहर
  • जो जन्म से अँधा है – जन्मांध। 
  • वह जिससे प्रेम किया जाए – प्रेमपात्र
  • शक्ति के अनुसार – यथासक्ति

Ese hi or One Word Substitution In Hindi ke liye niche di gyi pdf ko download kare. 

Download: One Word Substitution In Hindi PDF

One Word Substitution In English

  • Call upon god any other power for help or protection :- Invocation
  • To confine or detain someone at a place :- Internment
  • A secret message written in code ;- Cryptogram
  • One Who will tell happen in future :- Seer
  • A pardonable offense :- Venial
  • Tight Rope walking :- Funambulism
  • A word composed of first letter of the word :- Acronym
  • To be an unpleasant situation for long time :- lenguigsh
  • To give ones authority to other :- delegate
  • A list of passage and luggage :- Waybill
  • Final release from birth :- Deliverance
  • Murder of a brother :- Fratricide
  • One who is indifferent to pleasure or pain :- Stoic
  • Lasting only for a moment :- Momentary
  • A medicine use to nullify the effect of poison :- antidote
  • Easily fool or duped :- Gullible
  • One who eat too much :- Glutton
  • One who goes on foot :- Pedestrian
  • One who has narrow and prejudiced religious views :- Bigot
  • Anything which is no longer in use :- Obsolete
  • One Who breaks the law :- Transgressor
  • A doctor who treats children :- Pediatrician
  • One who has no money :- Pauper
  • One who has strange habits :- Eccentric
  • To look at someone in an angry or threatening way :- Glower
  • Pertaining to cattle :- Bovine
  • Words uttered impiously about god :- Blasphemy
  • A medicine that kills germ :- Germicide
  • A medicine that prevents decomposing :- Antiseptic
  • One who dies without a Will :- Intestate
  • One who does not believe in the existence of God :- Atheist
  • A member of the middle class :- Bourgeois
  • One who does not make mistakes :- Infallible
  • A method that cannot be imitated :- Inimitable
  • One who does something not professionally but for pleasure :- mateur
  • One who doubts the existence of god :- Agnostic
  • Fix Firmly in the mind by repetition :- Inculcate
  • One who eats too much :- Glutton
  • Traveling under the name other than one’s own :- Incognito
  • One who feels sympathetic towards human beings :- Humanitarian

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Download: One Word Substitution In English PDF

Important One Word Substitution

Niche jo One Word Substitution diye gye hai yeh SSC, Police, IBPS, SBI, CBI, LDC jese competitive exam me pehle puche ja chuke or koi do se teen baar repeat bhi ho chuke hai islye yeh bhut important One Word Substitution hai inhe jaroor pade.

One word substitution for government

  • A Government  by the people :- Democracy
  • A Government  by a king or queen :- Monarchy
  • A Government  by the officials :- Bureaucracy
  • A Government  by the rich :- Plutocracy
  • A Government  by the few :- Oligarchy
  • A Government  by the Nobles :- Aristocracy
  • A Government  by One :- Autocracy
  • One who is all powerful :- Omnipotent
  • One Who is present everywhere :- Omnipresent
  • One Who Knows Everything :- Omniscient 
  • Ready to believe anything :- Cresulous
  • Constant effort to achieve something – Perseverance
  • One who collects coins :- Numismatist  (Most Impo Question)
  • A person who collects stamps :- Philatelist
  • One who secretly listens  to the talks of other :- Eavesdropper
  • Concluding part of a literacy work :- Epilogue

One Word Substitution in Phobia 

  • Arachnophobia – The fear of spiders.
  • Ophidiophobia –  The fear of snakes.
  • Acrophobia – The fear of heights.
  • Agoraphobia – The fear of open or crowded spaces.
  • Cynophobia – The fear of Dog.
  • Astraphobia – The fear of thunder/lightning
  • Calustrophobia – The fear of small spaces
  • Mysophobia – The fear of germs
  • Aerophobia – Fear of flight
  • One who goes to settle in other country : Emigrant
  • One who hates mankind : Misanthrope
  • The study of maps – Cartography
  • The first model of new device : Prototype
  • Word written in tomb : Epitaph
  • Something no longer in use : Obsolete
  • One who can do anything for money : Mercenary
  • One who works for free : Volunteer
  • One who loves books : Bibliophile
  • One who looks on the bright side of things : Optimist
  • One who looks on the dark side of things : Pessimist
  • One who doubts the existence of god : Agnostic
  • One incapable of being tired – Indefatigable
  • One who recover from illness – Convalescent
  • One who is easily deceived – Gullible
  • One who does not make mistake – Infallible
  • A girl who flirts egregiously – Coquette
  • A woman who lures men to distroy them – Cirse
  • A tall strong, masculine kind of woman – Amazon
  • A loud mouthed turbulent kind of woman – Virago

To dosto kesi lagi aapko yeh post One Word Substitution In Hindi And English PDF Download – अनेक शब्दों के लिए एक शब्द hame comments kar ke jaroor btaye or yadi aapko kuch or important One Word Substitution pata hai to hame comments kar ke jaroor bataye or is post ko apne dosto ke sath social media par jaroor share kare. 

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