Dry Fruits Name List in Hindi and English

Hello friends, in this post we are providing you the complete list of dry fruits name. In which we are giving you all the dry fruits in the post with images. You can easily know all these dry fruits name with a picture in the list below. You can see the list of dry fruits in both Hindi and English.

Dry Fruits Name List in Hindi and English

Dry Fruits Name Dry Fruits Image 
Almond – बादाम Almond
Apricot – खुबानी Apricot
Fennel – सौंफ़ Fennel
Cashew nut – काजू Cashew nut
 Betel-nut – सुपारी  Betel-nut
Chestnut – शाहबलूत Chestnut
Cudpahnut – चिरोंजी Cudpahnut
Raisin – किशमिश किशमिश
Arrowroot – अरारोट Arrowroot
Coconut – नारियल Coconut
Pine Nut – चिलगोज़ा Pine Nut- चिलगोज़ा
Fig – अंजीर Fig- अंजीर
Cantaloupe Seeds – ख़रबूज़ के बीज Cantaloupe Seeds
Flax seeds – अलसी का बीज Flax seeds- अलसी का बीज
Lotus Seeds Pop – मखाना makhana
Walnuts – अखरोट Walnuts
Pistachio – पिस्ता Pistachio
Prunes – मनुक्का Prunes- मनुक्का
Dates – खजूर Dates
Pumpkin Seeds – कद्दू के बीज Pumpkin Seeds
Peanuts – मूंगफली Peanuts- मूंगफली
Saffron – केसर Saffron
Dates Dried – छुहारा Dates Dried- छुहारा
Sesame Seeds – तिल के बीज Sesame Seeds
Sugar candy – मिस्री Sugar candy
Watermelon Seeds – तरबूज के बीज watermelon seeds

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